Marvin Roger Anderson selected to U.S. Department of Transportation Leadership Academy

Marvin Roger Anderson, Co-Founder of Rondo Days was nominated and selected to be a a apart of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) Leadership Academy.

Marvin Anderson and Secretary Fox

Marvin Roger Anderson, Co-Founder of Rondo Days, in Washington D.C. with US Dept of Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx at the DOT Leadership Academy

On October 5th, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx launched the Every Place Counts: Leadership Academy with a kickoff event at DOT Headquarters in Washington, DC. The launch brought together hundreds of community members from across the country to learn how they can become aware of transportation decisions and how they can bring their insights to the decision-making process.

Participants also had a unique opportunity to provide feedback on the initial version of the Transportation Toolkit. DOT will use this feedback to improve the quality, clarity, readability and usability of the toolkit document.

About the Academy

Transportation decisions shape our lives and connect our communities. Yet members of the public often struggle to figure out how and when to engage in these important decisions.

Transportation Secretary Foxx believes in the power of transportation to increase opportunity — and he knows that communities must get involved in transportation decisions in order to break down historic transportation barriers and prevent new ones from being built. In that light, he announced that USDOT would create the Every Place Counts: Leadership Academy to demystify, clarify and simplify transportation decisionmaking. The processes of transportation planning and project development can be complex and confusing, and folks need help to learn how to get involved.

The Leadership Academy will be geared toward future community leaders who have limited experience with transportation decisionmaking, and want to learn how to participate effectively and add their insights to the process. The Academy will feature a Transportation Toolkit that relies on graphic design and plain language to convey information to the widest audience possible. It will highlight specific public engagement opportunities that are associated with planning and project development requirements, and civil rights including ADA, Title VI, and environmental justice.

Once refined, the Transportation Toolkit and related materials will be open source and available on this web page so individuals, community groups, public agencies, and others can access, download, utilize and adapt the materials as needed. A Facilitator Guide will be available for folks who wish to host their own Leadership Academies.

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