Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Cheats For PlayStation 4


Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Cheats For PlayStation 4

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Borderlands: The Handsome Collection [PS4] (Unboxing/Breakdown/Demo)

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Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
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Borderlands: Game of The Year Edition
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How To Mod Borderlands 2 (PS4 & XBOX ONE)|YOU NEED PS3/XBOX 360

Hope You Guys Enjoyed! If you have any questions just leave them down below and I’ll see what I can do. Happy Modding►Can We Hit 900 Likes?
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►Download Links:
►Gibbed Legendary weapons and items:

►Written Instructions:
1. Go on your ps3 or Xbox 360
2. Load up Borderlands 2
3. Create a new save by pressing triangle and making a new character now with that character load the story by pressing “new game” and as soon as you skip the cut scene and see a white lite press pause then save and quit.
4. Now go to where your games are located(on ps3) and go to “saved data utility” and open it
5. Now plug your USB into the ps3 then copy the data to your USB by pressing on the new profile i.e. Maya Level-1
6. Now mod on computer as shown in the video
7. When finished go plug your USB back into your ps3
8. Now go back to where you put the profile on the USB and but now instead of going straight to your borderlands 2 saves you should see a USB icon press on it and copy the save from the USB to the ps3 by pressing triangle on it. (will be the same name as when you downloaded it and might be 320kb that’s ok)
9. Now load up borderlands on your ps3 and ps4 and when in the menu for both consoles go to “cross-save”
10. On the ps3 press upload character and when its says successful press download character on the ps4 and that’s it. Hope this helped to better explain it if you have ANY problems leave a comment and ill see if I can help.

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Borderlands The Handsome Collection Mods – Maxed Skill Trees & Unlimited Ammo! (Xbox One) (PS4)

Borderlands The Handsome Collection Mods – Maxed Skill Trees & Unlimited Ammo! (Borderlands 2) (Xbox One) (PS4)

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Borderlands 2 PS4 infinity golden keys glitch!!!

I found this glitch and I thought it was cool. Pretty much I thought “hey, if you had the special edition of borderlands 2, and it starts you off with a golden key, then what would happen if you spend that golden key, then delete your profile save, would it give you back your golden key?” Apparently I was right!!!