Doom Eternal Cultist Base: Mission 3 Walkthrough And Tips


Doom Eternal Cultist Base: Mission 3 Walkthrough And Tips

Here’s a walklthrough of the third mission in Doom Eternal for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

Doom Eternal | First Secret Encounter Walkthrough | Mission 3 – Cultist Base | Nightmare Difficulty

You have 22 seconds to complete the first Secret Encounter from Mission 3 at the Cultist Base. Use the rocket launcher, be fast, precise and furious.

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DOOM Eternal – Level 3 Cultist Base [100% SECRETS COMPLETION]

DOOM Eternal and the third level called CULTIST BASE, 100% all found Secrets, Items, Collectibles, Combat Points and Challenges (Master of Turrets, Pull the Crystal, Armored Rain). DOOM Eternal has been finally released, expect tons of demons charging at you and using your trusty Chainsaw often. Even though you are fast and agile, you are not immortal as the demons can hurt you a lot. Engage with monsters at point blank range to finish them off with your blade to get HP bonus and in case of low ammo, use the Chainsaw against smaller demons.

00:10 Intel
01:00 Gargoyle Toy
01:50 Sentinel Battery
02:10 1Up
05:40 Preaetor Suit Point
06:50 1Up
09:40 1Up
12:20 Totem
14:20 ModBot
15:00 Preaetor Suit Point
19:05 Sentinel Battery
19:30 Invincibility Sphere (just take down all Cultists)
23:20 Sentinel Crystal
23:50 Gore Nest
24:40 Preaetor Suit Point
25:50 Sentinel Battery
32:00 Cheat Code
33:00 Soldier Toy
34:10 Preaetor Suit Point
35:50 Gore Nest
36:00 1Up
36:45 Album
38:10 1Up
40:30 Slayer Key
43:20 Preaetor Suit Point
44:10 Sphere
46:50 Slayer’s Gate

– Master of Turrets
– Pull the Crystal.
– Armored Rain

Third level called “Cultist Base” is quite a large one to complete, finding all the items, secrets and encounters, takes some time. As you can see here, it took me almost ~50 minutes to finish the map, even though I knew how to navigate around. Cultist Base also has got tons of secrets (Including the Dopefish Easter Egg) and collectibles to find (17 in total). This is also a first level where you can find the Preaetor Suit Point Points to upgrade your armor with interesting perks. For example if you are looking for 100% completion of any level, you can unlock the perks to mark every secret on your minimap. You can also upgrade your fragmenation grenade launcher, ice bombs, flame belchs and agility to make Doomslayer even more powerful. Cultist Base is also a first level where difficulty spike is much bigger, the open arena encounters with new monsters can be nuts. You can also play as a Revenant during one section of the map, you have to retrieve your Super Shotgun from the hands of demon spawn. My honest opinion about Super Shotgun is, incredible firepower and mobility because of the meathook, but watch our for your ammo. Oh, and we’ve already found 2 of the needed 6 Empyrean Keys to unlock the Unmakyr, good way to go to unlock this beast.

Doom Eternal Walkthrough | [4K60] Mission #3 “Cultist Base” | CenterStrain01

Doom Eternal Walkthrough | [4K60] Mission #3 “Cultist Base”

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Doom Eternal: A Walkthrough of The Cultist Base | A Doom Eternal Level 3 Walkthrough

This is a heavily edited guide going over how to get through the harder sections of Doom Eternal’s third level The Cultist Base. In this video I go over how to kill level 3 bosses, how to get through various puzzles, how to beat areas of the mission, and how to just defeat The Cultist Base. As always Doom Eternal questions, Doom Eternal guide requests, and thoughts on the editing/style of this level 3 Doom Eternal walkthrough are welcome! This is a slightly new style of video so I really welcome feedback below.

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