Rondo Plaza Receives $10,000 Historical & Culture Heritage Grant from Minnesota Historical Society

Rondo Plaza received a grant from the Minnesota History Center to plan for long-term interpretive panels for the Rondo Commemorative Plaza (RCP). In general, as currently planned, the plaza will have a “history wall” consisting of 14 large panels. Information on some of the panels will remain the same or change as needed over time. However, each year, at the beginning of the outdoor season, we intend to open a rotating exhibition providing insights on topics, events, people, organizations, etc., that illustrate the vivid aspects of Rondo’s history and its legacy on 4 to 5 panels. These exhibits will stay up for one year and will be replaced at the beginning of the next outdoor season with a new exhibition

We have selected the 106 Group, a local cultural resources and exhibit company, to take us through this project. On June 8, 2017, the process got underway with 106 group members Steve Boyd Smith and Kelly Wilder convening a facilitated workshop with RCP Founder Marvin Roger Anderson, Lester Collins, Brittany Lynch, Marvin Scroggins, Floyd Smaller, Al Stafford, . Catherine Squires and Yvonne Wells-Ellis.

We want to extend our deep appreciation to the 106 Group and the above attendees for participating in an engaging, provocative, sometimes emotional session exploring the interpretive themes, sources to explore for the plaza’s exhibits program. A public workshop is planned and persons interested in attending should send a note to [email protected]